To The Daily Sun,

It appears that the Biden-produced disaster that’s the Afghanistan pullout isn’t newsworthy enough to be covered by The Laconia Daily Sun. I have to wonder if this would have been the case if Donald Trump or any other Republican was involved. Actually, those of us daily readers are pretty sure we know the answer.

However, it seems The Sunshine Project article, explaining that we must “teach” the “history” of white oppression, is very important to you. This is extremely ironic in that schools now teach very little history at all. But it seems that continuing to bludgeon currently living white people for the action of people no longer alive will surely help bring us together, according to James McKim. I doubt it.

I sure liked reading newspapers a lot more when there was more news and less slanted political ideology. Why do you publish those disgusting “cartoons” by Mike Luckovich? He isn’t “funny”. Or fair. Or honest. Jerk comes to mind. And you’re paying him. Which means you agree with him. Almost at the point of no longer reading the LDS. Sad.

PS: You didn’t have any problem publishing a letter making an untrue personal attack against me (for which I never got a real apology). And it seems my letters now somehow no longer get published. Disappointing.

Chuck McGee


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If you're going to be angry, at least be sure you have your facts straight! The former potus made a deal to remove all of our troops by May 1, 2021 - a full 2 months earlier than Biden ended up doing it - and traded the release of 5,000 Taliban members for 1,000 Afghanis! If you still blame only Biden, you can't be upset about any unfair criticism that the former potus received. If you acknowledge it is partially the former guy's fault, you can't blame President Biden! Racism is alive & well in this country, unfortunately! Ignoring it won't make it go away! Some of us obviously need to learn a bit more about the subject....


honestly the school board meeting was two days ago and we're just hearing about it now even though MM was in the audience. Don't expect good journalism from freebie rag papers like this. Just expect a slant and a slant when it's convenient for them, not for you the one seeking the news.

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