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Chris Pappas, candidate for Congress in District 1, has something in common with a Nobel Prize winner and thousands of scientists: He believes that climate change is a threat to human existence and wants to do something about it. His opponent, Eddie Edwards, has been notably silent on the subject.

One of this year’s winners of the Economics Nobel Prize, William Nordhaus, is being honored for his contributions to understanding the financial costs of uncontrolled climate change and suggesting affordable ways to limit its worst effects. On the day his award was announced, the U.N. panel on climate change released an updated report calling for a crash program to address this unprecedented world emergency.

Chris Pappas, along with these two notable examples, takes climate change seriously. He has called climate change an “existential threat” to New Hampshire’s economy and way of life. He has promised to promote reducing greenhouse gas emissions through regulations such as increased mileage standards for vehicles and economic stimulus packages that encourage job-creating investment in renewable energy.

Voters in N.H. Congressional District 1 have a clear choice between supporting attempts to address threats affecting all of us now that will only worsen for our children and grandchildren. Or doing nothing. I’m opting to support Chris Pappas’ efforts and I hope you will join me in voting for him on November 6.

Ronald Lawler

Center Sandwich

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