To The Daily Sun,

I began reading your paper many years ago to help me become familiar with my new community. I have always been impressed and educated by the letters, articles and political cartoons that are both for and against my deeply held beliefs. I am grieved that your paper has allowed bullies, who claim to have deserted your paper in protest, to dictate what the rest of us enjoy so very much. I whole-heartedly agree with them that the ONE cartoon and its’ writer should be banned. Why toss out the baby with the bathwater?

On another note: There have been letters from a man who believes himself to represent the Grand Old Party of my ancestors. His shameless name-calling most assuredly does not represent the majority of GOP voters! I find it startling and “deplorable” that he could possibly imagine that calling the opposition such things as “demolitioncrats” is clever and witty.

Jesus commands us to love one another. These are people for whom Christ died. Yes, they absolutely are intent upon destroying America as we know it. Yes, Barack Obama campaigned and even published a book with those exact words about changing America as we know it, knowing the soft-hearted voters would ASSUME he was referring to racial injustice, instead of his intent to bankrupt the middle classes and small business owners of ALL races — which is happening right now. Scriptures instruct us that “by their fruits ye shall know them”. I recently heard that the Department of Justice has traced the founding of ANTIFA to Obama — t would be good to check that out! The “Health Care Act” has gutted our hospitals and rural clinics — after decades of state-by-state dismantling of insurance protections that allowed very small businesses to bundle with other small businesses to easily provide the AFFORDABLE quality medical coverage my family enjoyed in the 1970s. (See N.C. in the years just before the GOP won back the state in 2012 and check other states since 1992.)

The name-caller has done more to shove our grandchildren towards the left than anything said or done by the left, by seeming to verify the stereotype that all conservatives are heartless jerks. Yes, his facts are correct and very well organized; but what easily-influenced 18 to 25 year old new voter will read the facts with an open mind, when he so obviously enjoys school-yard name-calling? VOTERS WON’T CARE WHAT HE KNOWS, UNTIL THEY KNOW THAT HE CARES. (BTW: I’ve frequently been involved in anti-racism work, literacy work, homeless ministry and prison ministry, spanning more than 50 years.)

1 John 1:9 promises to all believers in Christ that Jesus will forgive us and cleanse us when we repent. I sincerely pray for that man’s heart and soul to repent of his childish name-calling—so he can continue to inform us with much-needed FACTS. Our president needs the full support of N.H., not the shame of name-calling rhetoric.

Blessings to you and to yours,

Chaplain Allen


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You had me till you praised the Dump.

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