To The Daily Sun,

I used to like your paper. I used to look forward to reading it every day... until Thursday, when I saw your “Active Shooter Drill” cartoon on page 12. What kind of humor is this? Who thought this was appropriate to include in your paper? Not only is it sick and a slap in law enforcement's face but, also, who makes light of active school shootings (albeit a drill) and thinks it is funny? Not me or my friends, that's for sure! I wonder how your advertisers — you know, the ones who keep your paper afloat — feel about this?

At the very least, you owe your readers, your advertisers and our law enforcement community an apology. Shame on you Laconia Daily Sun!

Carol Varney


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The cartoon isn't meant to indict all police officers, just those who break law and rules and harass people of colour. Statistics back up what we see, and protesters have a legitimate argument.

There are many fine officers, but we all have a duty to weed out those who go awry.


It's not a slap at everyone in law enforcement. It's a condemnation that some do inappropriate things and it needs to end.

We need to be clear about this... not all police officers are condemned because there are a great many good officers. On the other hand, it is imperative to call out those who break the law.

Statistics tell us that people of colour are far more likely to have police encounters, and that just not right.

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