To The Daily Sun,

I started writing this letter several months ago. I was so glad to see that the residents of the Lakes Region are finally upset enough to speak up and demand a fair price for cable, phone and internet services. Cable TV seems to be the highest cost for a limited amount of channels, reception that is interrupted more than occasionally. It seems to me that internet prices should also be lower than what it currently is now. I welcome Comcast and any other competition.

This letter is in regards to yet another rate increase as another year goes by. This one is a tax increase. I have been bothered by the new increase for a month or so now. I know I am not the only one upset by the continuous rate increases. Back in 2014, I attended a City Council meeting to discuss the 10-year contract for Metrocast being proposed at the time. I remember vividly telling everyone that this situation might occur and even that the company could still get acquired by another provider that is not local. I find it amusing that the city manager and City Council now feel that it may be a good time to introduce a competitor for services. Maybe the sales division for Atlantic Broadband could negotiate for lower service and tax fees.

Five years ago, I was paying $134/month for the VIP package. I used to pay $191/month until I spoke with one of Metrocast’s representatives and dropped to $170 to receive the same number of channels and the same service. Basic math tells that an increase of $10/month times 12 months times just a mere 10,000 subscribers comes to a $1.2 million increase of revenue. I am quite sure that there are more subscribers than that throughout the Lakes Region and this figure is probably extremely low. This happens year after year. With all the new tax cuts maybe Atlantic Broadband could pass on some savings.

I still do not understand all the fees for their services. I heard that the company leases the lines and that’s why the computer slows and television channels are continuously interrupted. Apparently other customers were not happy in the recent past and I know quite a few. As evidence, one just has to drive around and look at all the satellite dishes in the area. At Shaw’s in Belmont, a Direct TV salesman has been set up for months and has a sign stating the 18 percent increase, never mind this new tax increase.

Service seems to be a concern for me now as I went to pay my bill on Feb. 6 only to receive a notice in the mail a week later stating that my check (which I had to void for the electronic transfer fund your company is using) had not cleared due to incorrect bank account number. I called customer service on the notice and spoke with a representative named Javier who told me it was my fault and I had to go to my bank and speak with them. His statement made me even more upset. I had to go to the office and get the situation straightened out. It appears that the young, new girl at the counter messed up my bank account information.

What a waste of time. Not to mention that I would just as soon pay by check. I remember on Feb. 20, 2017 a neighbor came to my house to use my phone as theirs was not working. Low and behold, neither was mine. It had a dial tone but the call would not go through. It was an important call. We both have service with the cable company company. Well, I still do. My neighbors actually switched to Direct TV later in the day. They were upset and had enough poor service and high fees. That’s not to mention all the times I am unable to watch the local news and some other channels that are continuously interrupted.

I will admit that things have settled down and the representatives of Atlantic Broadband have treated me good. However, I am seriously considering an alternative after this last rate increase. I paid my bill the other day and mentioned this briefly to the receptionist. She said Metrocast increased the fees before they were acquired. That really makes me feel as if the customers got the shaft again. I adamantly feel my bill should be more around the $150/month range. I will try to stay with the company one more time. I am also considering sharing this information with the City Council and others. So, I am reaching out in regards to this matter.

Scott Kipreotis


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Having paid significantly more for cable in MA I'll simply disagree. I will tell you that Metrocast's high speed internet (now Atlantic Broadband) is the fastest I've ever had considering it's copper-based cabling. 200mbps is fabulous as I work from home and require quality throughput. I use Vonage for my phone (VoIP) which is cheaper than they're offering fur phone, and I use a Roku box to provide all of the channels I could possibly need.

Perhaps you need to re-evaluate HOW you get what you want. This isn't Boston. We don't have Comcast or Verizon here. But what we do have is quality. And BTW you can set up an automatic payment straight out of your checking account on a monthly basis so that paper checks stevy an issue. I'm just saying you have options. Use what they do offer that is quality.

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