To The Daily Sun,

Are the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice political? At this point I’ve provided three links to credible sources of voter fraud during the 2020 election. Here they are again: and To date zero investigations have been undertaken by the FBI. In fact, just the opposite is happening. Both the FBI and DOJ are actively going after those that uncovered evidence of fraud. Names most people will recognize are Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell. They are all capable individuals that can defend themselves but the smear campaign by the mainstream media will obstruct their pursuit of truth.

At the same time the FBI is rounding up “rioters” and "peaceful protestors” and Congress has initiated a committee to investigate the Jan. 6, “insurrection.” The commission is made up of seven Democrats and two RINOs. What do they all have in common? All voted to impeach former President Donald Trump after he was out of office. It will follow the Russian collusion propaganda narrative of guilt by allegation and the mainstream media will spin a tale of insurrection without ever identifying “who” coordinated it.

All the while the commission and mainstream media will ignore the reason all those patriots were in D.C. that day. How do they do that? Well with articles like this from the AP:, “Lawyer who aided Trump subpoenaed by Jan. 6 committee.” Jeffrey Clark is that lawyer and the subpoena was because “he aided Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election results.”

Read that again and leave out the names. It reads “he challenged the 2020 election results.” If you cut away all the hysteria in the mainstream media, the core charge against over 600 Americans is “challenging the 2020 election results.” That is not an actual crime, however. If it were, the FBI would have gone after all the Democrats that challenged the 2016 results. Do you remember that happening? Yeah, me neither.

So how do they punish those deplorable Trump supporters? Simple, charge them with trespassing and obstructing a legal proceeding. Which is exactly what they have done. To make that sound righteous, virtually every mainstream media article that’s written about anyone charged includes the catch phrases “deadly insurrection” and “baseless fraud allegations.”

Not a single one of the 600 plus arrested has been charged with murder or insurrection. Then why include it? Because it triggers an emotional response. Murders and insurrectionists need to be punished so whatever the courts dole out will be supported by those that “believe” the mainstream media’s narrative.

The real crux of the mainstream media’s propaganda campaign though is the use of “baseless fraud" allegation. It’s the underpinning of what could ultimately change this nation from a beacon of freedom to another despotic government that oppresses its citizens based upon political affiliation.

Will the Jan. 6 committee, FBI or DOJ investigate credible evidence of voter fraud as outlined in the links above? Not if they want to keep their jobs.

Bruce Jenket


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