To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Trump continues to pervert and use organized religion to his advantage. Recently, the impeached Mr. Trump marched out of the White House and walked over to the nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church. He stood in front of this house of worship he brandishing a copy of the Bible, holding it upside down. Why? This was a cheap photo-op. All over the world, the Bible is recognized as book of love and hope. The stunt he staged is an offensive to people of faith. His actions were unnecessary and reprehensible. He insults the very core of what the Bible promotes. He continues to shamelessly promote and feed his ego, not the Christian Church. Jesus Christ, a pacifist with hope and love, must shudder at this depravity.

It is obvious that this president is intent on destroying the "soul of our country." His actions, not only insults Christianity, but many others. He defies the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, thereby dishonoring the oath of office. Those who continue to support this type of maniacal behavior should be held accountable.

It's long past time for all Republicans, including our own Governor Sununu, to demand, not ask, the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump. This is long overdue and necessary, given his mental and obvious disability which was covered in my last letter (June 3).

Such actions would support the decent law enforcement people who stood up against the actions of four rogue officers who murdered Mr. George Floyd in broad daylight for all the world to see. Yes indeed, this murder is seen on four separate cell phones, from different aspects as the actual murder was occurring. The remaining three rogue cops could have interceded and stopped this heinous murder, but for whatever reason, they choose not to do so. All involved should receive the harshest punishment allowed by law, being charged with murder in the second degree.

Many who serve and work in N.H. law enforcement, along with other police departments around this nation showed solidarity with the protesters by "taking a knee," which meant that they were asking for swift justice. These professional officers who joined the protesters are to be commended. These men and women have proven to be altruistic law enforcement officers. Bravo!

The four men who killed George Floyd are rogue cops and do not deserve to be part of professional law enforcement. The rogue cop who kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck has a long history of complaints filed against him. These men have shown that they were willing to commit cold-blooded murder, without emotion or feeling for another human life. This sad fact is abhorrent. By their actions these four men have proven that they are worse than vigilantes. As of this writing Mr. Trump has made the conscious decision not speak out publicly against what these four men have done. Why? This is unconscionable, and makes Trump an accessory to this most depraved murder. Is this his cruel method to divide and destroy our democracy?

Bob Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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Alan Moon

President Trump has indeed denounced police brutality, several times in fact. It's just that some people are so consumed with hate that they refuse to listen. Everything that goes wrong in America is Trump's fault !? I can't wait to see your heads explode when he wins re-election bigly.

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