To The Daily Sun,

I have to congratulate Bruce Jenket on another fine letter here in the paper on the 27th. As always Bruce relies on provable facts to expose the hypocrisy and self serving hatred on the left.

Democratic leaders, media and mindless, unthinking followers are peddling nothing but hate and division across the country while trying to present themselves as holier then thou. The big thing is the shutdown due to the fact that the Dems refuse to fund a wall on the southern border. This at the expense of the safety of the American people and the oaths of office they took. It is their sworn duty to uphold our laws and protect the American people they represent. They betray our people, our nation and the Democratic Party which for more then a hundred years sought to represent our people. What ever happened to that party? Now all they stand for is hatred of President Trump for no other reason than he won an election they thought they had in the bag.

On a related letter, John Demakowski wrote that a world without borders would be ruled by the devil. Devil or criminals, radicals of all kinds, and psychopaths, for those of you who don’t like religious terminology, it’s all the same thing. Do Dems really believe the world would be better, safer without borders, laws and equal justice? Who would enforce laws? Whose laws and under what authority, religious, whose, sectarian, cultural again whose? Such a world would be disordered chaos, every person for themselves and devil take the hindmost. Is their thinking an example of critical thinking, cause and effect, anything rational or just any means justifying their lust for absolute power? Demakowski clearly sees the issue those willfully blind refuse to see.

This brings me to “The Wall”. Democratic leaders refuse to fund a wall because it is proposed by President Trump not because it’s immoral or would’t work. It would have a major effect on illegals coming in, also on the flood of drugs. Schemer, Polios and company hate Trump more then they love America and our people; otherwise they would have long since built a wall, as they so frequently in the past advocated for. (See Bruce Jenket’s list of references.) Drugs pour over our southern boarder and have for years. Only an estimated 20% of them are intercepted but recently a huge shipment was caught. Experts say that broken down was some 31 million doses which were intended for our kids. On Christmas morning, a legal immigrant from Tahiti who worked his way onto a Police Dept. was killed at a traffic stop by an illegal leaving a young wife and 5-month-old son. How many times must we read of such crimes committed by illegals, crimes that could have been prevented except for the Democrats? How many families will grieve for loved ones dead of drug overdoses Democrats consider as collateral damage in their drive for ultimate power and control? Will you as a citizen stand for this or is hatred all-blinding and consuming in your minds? Is that all there is left of the Democratic Party?

Steve Earle


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That was a laughable letter so I will continue to smile and laugh as the glassy eyed and obsequious wretch and rage

Alan Moon

spellchecker you don't need to worry about my big guns.


Trust me I never have. 😊


As should the parents who leave their guns in locked in their homes right Alan?!

Alan Moon

The politicians who refuse to protect their populations by allowing criminals and drugs into our country and then protecting the same with their sanctuary cities should be held personally responsible for the death and mayhem that results. Hang 'em high and make examples of them.

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