To The Daily Sun,

Over time, Free Staters have moved to NH and are carrying out their plan. Hiding in plain sight, they dressed as Republicans and gained enough NH House seats to tie the hands of Gov. Chris Sununu until he conceded to limit Emergency Power Orders and flip on Divisive Concepts. Sununu signed the first Freedom Caucus Budget in NH history – in the shameful hours of night, with no press. Sununu got played.

An April 8 press release titled, “House Freedom Caucus Celebrates Budget Victory,” the NH House Freedom Caucus website explains their motives, one term shouts out like a warning. They don’t refer to government in common Republican phrasing like “limited government,” they write, “from under the heel of government” – a foreboding insight.

The Freedom Caucus Free Staters are carrying out their plan, working from within government, they strive for an anarchist utopia where citizens live as they please. Working from within, their goal is to bring down central and local governmental control. Their first ploy is inciting racial resentment in our local schools. The original Divisive Concept bill HB 544 sponsored by Rep. Osborne, Rep. Ammon, also an admitted Free Stater, and Rep. Cordelli, was intened to pit neighbor against neighbor by starting a rumor that our local schools are examples of government overreach into our lives.

Nationally, the U.S. Congressional Freedom Caucus endorsed extremist Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Georgia) for Congress. The majority of NH Republicans chose Free Stater Jason Osborne as their majority leader. His extreme views are reflected in his deep involvement with the School Sucks Project, which aims to do away with all schools – public and private. He is succeeding here in New Hampshire. The GOP passed the budget which provides more than $4,000 per child for anyone who already has or wants to pull their children from public school. Rep. Osborne was a sponsor of this initiative.

The Freedom Caucus vision for an anarchist utopia took a giant step forward thanks to the GOP dominated House and Senate and a tied-up Gov. Sununu.

Will New Hampshire become the first Freedom Caucus anarchist utopia? Your votes will help determine the answer.

Annie Robbins


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One would think the person responsible for vetting letters to the editor would do their due diligence and identify this a as smear from a local Democratic Committee member.

One would also think that it a committee member of a political party was to write a partisan letter to the editor that they would disclose their membership for the sake of transparency.


It is unfair to describe Libertarians as "free loaders", using the goods and services paid for by taxes, when those taxes are forcefully ripped from them (as they are from everyone) and are not voluntary.


Free Stater's are a bunch of clowns, similar to Libertarian's; they don't want to pay taxes for anything, they whine and scream; but suck up all of the services and things provided to all citizens through the taxes citizens pay; another term for Free Stater's would be "Free Loaders"!


Wakefield isn't in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, why are letters being printed by outsiders? Not to mention, the amount of misinformation in this article seems worthy of retort. But the person who wrote it, doesn't deserve the attention, and needs only further disdain.

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