To The Daily Sun,

During this time of reflection of the blessings of the past year, I wanted to share a few with you.

Thank you to all of you who attended the informational workshop about the current situation with our waste disposal. We heard about the options and the City Council subcommittee now has a sense of how they will address the upcoming challenges while being efficient with taxpayer funds.

Thank you to our mayor, Tony Giunta, City Manager Judie Milner, and her staff for their leadership and organization they provide to the city government.

Thank you to Police Chief Goldstein and the fire chief for the protection, emergency assistance, and guidance they have provided to the city of Franklin.

Thank you to all the partners and investors who have envisioned, planned and worked to revitalize our city.

Thank you to Councilor Jo Brown for arranging with Superintendent Dan LeGallo to have an informational opportunity for providing our high school students with opportunities to enhance their abilities to secure well-paying employment following graduation. Dr. Robert McLaughlin shared opportunities to the School Board for teachers to become better-informed and equipped through paid positions during their summer off times.

Thank you to the School Board Policy Committee for setting a public hearing for the new Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming policy being considered. That public hearing is set for Monday, Dec. 16, at 6 p.m. All recipients of federal or state funds are required by law to enforce non-discrimination practices for all who operate within their departments. This includes the public schools. The policies already apply to students, faculty, and ancillary employees.

It concerns me that our School Board is spending so much time on this policy when the reading and math scores released at the end of October reveal that 46% of 11th-grade students are NOT proficient in reading and 75% are NOT proficient in math.

When talking with employers, they have two major concerns.

1) Applicants cannot read, write, or do basic math.

2) Once hired, the employee is not consistent in showing up for work or doesn’t want to do the work required.

If you are concerned that our children are graduating from Franklin schools unprepared to enter the “real” world as I am, I encourage you to become informed and to attend the meeting on Dec. 16.

If at any time you would like to contact me, I can be reached at or at 603-934-7111.

Karen Testerman

Ward II

Franklin City Council

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