To The Daily Sun,

The recent election season has been very educational. WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, and other sources have confirmed many of our beliefs and suspicions and have revealed unexpected collusion, corruption, criminality, and un-American dirty tricks.

The obvious media bias and coordination with Democratic politicians and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the promotion of anti-Republican and pro-Democratic candidates and policies, and suppression of anti-Democratic information has been confirmed.

The surprise was the extent of the active collaboration of major media figures, columnists, and media outlets with Democrats to promote Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and Democratic candidates and policies over Republicans. This collaboration includes planning meetings, promotion of candidate and DNC propaganda, allowing Democrats to preview and "correct" "columns" and "news articles," allowing Democrats to control interview questions, feeding town hall questions to Hillary beforehand, etc.

Grassroots demonstrations against political opponents are common, but Democrats hired operatives to protest, agitate, threaten, and instigate violence that injured people; to create racist supposedly pro-Trump graffiti, signs, statements, and advertisements to falsely make Trump and his supporters appear to be racists; and by making and encouraging false allegations of Trump supporters' racist and/or violent actions, etc.

The shocking revelation, suggesting President Obama's close involvement in these dirty tricks, are White House logs showing that the person responsible for these dirty tricks visited the White House about 300 times and met with President Obama about 50 times, often late at night apparently to keep these meetings secret.

The corruption of the DNC efforts to support Hillary Clinton and work against Bernie Sanders was also revealed. We learned how the DNC used donor information for Hillary and against Bernie, how the DNC worked with the White House to reward Hillary donors but not Bernie donors, how various other efforts promoted Hillary over Bernie, how the whole super-delegate process gave Hillary delegates in some cases when the voters overwhelmingly preferred Bernie, and when the DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was forced to resign (joining the Clinton campaign), she was replaced by Donna Brazile who was revealed to have alerted Hillary to questions she would get at a town hall.

The recent election clearly demonstrated the extremes that Democratic politicians, Democratic organizations, and some Democratic supporters go to in their lust for power and wealth without regard for truth, fairness, criminality, or the desires and best interests of the American people.

Don Ewing


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