A recent letter-writer went on another attack against President Trump and anyone who might have the audacity to support him. In his letter, he stated that Republicans who support the President have, among other things, lost their moral courage. While he and a number of other local Democrats are pressing for President Trump to be removed from office, they really don’t seem to have a very good argument as to why. To thatend, I decided to do a little factual comparison, maybe to see just who, if any, has lost their moral courage and who has committed acts worthy of impeachment. A little comparison of accomplishments, if you will.

Obama ‘s record

Over $150 billion in assets that had been frozen with the authorization of Congress were secretly returned to Iran without President Obama seeking Congressional approval to do so. President Obama secretly gave $1.5 billion in cash to Iran without seeking or receiving any Congressional approval to do so, nor was the cash that was given authorized by the House of Representatives.

President Obama entered into numerous international agreements without seeking or receiving the normal Congressional approval; even entering into agreements that the majority of Congressional Democrats didn’t approve of, and one in which he substantially changed the wording of a previously negotiated and Congressionally approved Treaty of a previous administration without receiving permission or approval of Congress to do so.

While she was the Secretary of State, President Obama knowingly allowed his Secretary of State (Ms. Clinton) to accept hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments. President Obama knowingly allowed Secretary Clinton to conduct official government business using a private internet server in which she destroyed over 30,000 e-mails that had been subpoenaed. President Obama allowed the Director of the CIA to engage foreign government resources to spy on the Trump campaign. It is against the law for the CIA to spy on United States citizens.

During his administration, President Obama’s Director of the FBI, and a number of other high-ranking FBI officials, worked diligently in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from being elected, including using the bought-and-paid-for phony “dossier” to knowingly and illegally obtain four search warrants from the FISA courts to spy on the Trump campaign.

During President Obama’s administration, Secretary Clinton was given a free pass by the FBI on numerous violations of the law  including the destruction of the e-mails noted above, the thousands of e-mails found on the personal computer of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former Congressman, and for using a non-government computer on e-mails that were determined to be classified.

There’s more, but you get the drift.

Trump’s record

President Trump has worked diligently to level the international playing field. In doing so, he has sought to address a number of issues: Fair trade! Equitable contributions to defense! Protection of our Sovereignty! Growth of our economy!

President Trump has put a lot of effort into Fair Trade as he saw that our trading partners were taking advantage of our free markets. To this point, it has been a slow and arduous effort. Some progress with Canada, Mexico, and Europe, and they’re getting closer to striking an agreement with China and the Pacific region countries. However, not a lot to raise the flag over just yet.

A major concern facing President Trump was/is the disparity in contributions into their defense by each member NATO nation. Each of the 29 nations are supposed to contribute 2% of their GDP to funding for defense. The United States contributes 3.6% of its GDP to defense while only four other nations have contributed at least 2%; Greece at 2.4%, the United Kingdom and Estonia at 2.1% each, and Poland at 2%. President Trump continues to pressure the other 24 nations to meet their NATO defense obligations.

While he has received little to no support from the Democrats, President Trump has put substantial effort into trying to protect our sovereignty as our Southern borders have been under siege by non-documented aliens. The problems are magnified by Democrat Presidential candidates who call for “open borders” which would cede our sovereignty to the world.

(Please note, 80% of the world lives in poverty. The United States accepts about a million immigrants every single year, more than any nation in the world, is the most generous nation in the world, and does much to help the impoverished around the world. Open borders would soon cause the United States to become one of the nations living in poverty and chaos would result.)

As to growth of our economy, the positive facts abound and our nation is the envy of the world.

Finally, how many tens of millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent by Democrats searching for something with which to impeach President Trump? What kind of “moral courage” does it take for Democrats to face the facts?

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