As we’ve mentioned before, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, one of the co-authors of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), stated that they were relying on the people being too stupid to understand it because, if they did, the bill never could have been passed.

As I listen to the Democrat candidates engage in a can-you-top-this free-for-all messaging contest, I can’t help but wonder if they are doing so on the advice of Dr. Gruber. Oy vey!

Tops on the free-for-all is the plan to provide “free” Medicare for all. Just think about these few things. The government dictates all the fees that hospitals and doctors can charge, and then reimburses them only at 80% of those rates; patients must either pay for a Medicare supplemental insurance plan or pay the 20 percent difference themselves. The older people get, the more likely they are to need medical care of one sort or another, so doctors and hospitals treat those patients and get reimbursed at much less than they would for a younger person. Since Medicare now covers about 15 percent of the population, what will the impact be on them for having to treat the additional 85% of the population and only be reimbursed at the lower, government-dictated rates?

(By the way, the unfunded liabilities that have been accumulated by today’s Medicare amounts to $38.6 trillion. Can you imagine what those liabilities will be when they must provide for 100% plus of our population?)

And, this is a big “and”: What will happen when the entire country decides to take advantage of the “free”? The amount of market stimulation is incalculable but is sure to be beyond our existing medical resource capacity. And, this is another big “and”, how many bright, young, talented people will be willing to invest their time, talent, and resources to become a medical provider, knowing that the government may dictate virtually their every move by possibly making every medical need compete with what the government has budgeted.

We, in New Hampshire, are truly blessed to have wonderful medical care ... and options. Let’s not lose it.

Another of the free-for-all “gifts” is government-paid-for college education. At the pre-college level, this country spends more per pupil than any other developed country in the world, and in an international comparison (PISA), our results in math-reading-science are only mediocre at best. And the teachers’ unions continue to cry for more money.

Money is not the issue ... it is teaching and learning that is deficient, not wages and benefits. At the college level, young people are awash in incredible student loan burdens and, in too many cases, worthless degrees. Young people with skills and knowledge in computer science and various engineering areas are in woefully short supply. On the other side, there is an abundance of graduates who have what are commonly called “worthless” degrees, as they deal with “feel good” emotional subjects more suited for discussion over a glass of “whine” than they are suited to solving an operational problem.

As part of this issue is the fact that, as children are growing up, they are being convinced that they must get a college education. Lost is the fact that many people are born with innate abilities more suited to being an electrical worker or a plumber than they are a teacher or a surgeon. If you have any doubt about that, just see how quickly you can get an appointment with an electrician or a plumber or a carpenter. Their skills are essential to our everyday life and it seems like there are far too few of them to meet the timely and essential needs of our population.

Before we prove Dr. Gruber to be right, please take a look at the results of government-run systems. Social Security is projecting $13 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and Medicare is estimating about $37 trillion. There are 44.5 million student loan borrowers who have an accumulated debt of about $1.5 trillion. Government-run departments such as the Department of Education and the Veterans Administration have not achieved their hoped-for results but continue to get increased funding.

It is no wonder that our federal bureaucracy wants the president to be removed. He is showing that government is serving itself in many cases more so than it is serving the needs of the people ... while a free enterprise company is more effective and efficient as, if it weren’t so, the people would choose a different company with which to do business.

The deep state is worried that he will work to ensure that taxpayers are getting their money’s worth by eliminating some inefficient departments and hiring less-costly and more-efficient businesses to provide their services.

Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. Contact him at

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