BELMONT — While investigators wait for the autopsy report for a woman whose remains were discovered last month at a waste transfer facility, a second tragedy has visited the same family: her fiance, and father to her two children, was found at a landfill in Maine.

The remains of Jessica Lurvey, 28, of Laconia, were found at the Casella waste transfer facility on Sept. 9, apparently brought there along with the contents of a disposal truck.

On Sept. 21, human remains were found at a landfill in Lewiston, Maine, also operated by Casella Waste Systems. Recently, those remains were identified as belonging to Matthew Schofield, 29, of Laconia. A relative of Schofield confirmed that he and Lurvey were engaged to be married.

The chief medical examiner for Maine said Schofield's cause of death has not yet been determined. Senior New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley said that he is similarly waiting for the final autopsy report for Lurvey, in the hopes that it will shed light on how she might have died.

While Lurvey's death is considered untimely, and is still being investigated by Belmont Police and the state Attorney General office, Hinckley said there was no reason at this time to call her death suspicious.

Lewiston, Maine, police did not immediately return a call for comment.

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For police to suggest that these murdered are unrelated and not suspicious is just bad police work. Sounds to me like they don’t want to do their job and do some detective work.

Concerned citizen

Not suspicious at all. To spend taxpayers hard earned money to open an investigation would be suspicious when the answers have already been there for years with people like this


Who are you to judge these deaths? What is your education level? These people are other peoples family. The statements from you are not only derogatory but they are cruel and heartless. I hope that this never happens to your children ( if you have any). Just something to think about “ no one grows up with the mind set of being an addict when they grow up”. If it were your child you would think differently. Cold hearted person.


This will certainly be a story I want to follow. I hope the Sun and other journalists will investigate this.

Concerned citizen

Drug addicts that owed their dealer. End of story.


The fact that the AG doesn't consider that the bodies of two people who were engaged were found in two separate landfills as suspicious, is itself suspicious.

Mark Monsante

This is my family and how is this not suspicious?!! Two bodies, each found at transfer stations in different states, ran by the same company. It doesn't get anymore suspicious then it already is, people don't show up in the trash on a regular basis!!

Bill Fitz

Two people engaged to be married, both their bodies found under similar circumstances? If that's not suspicious I don't know what is. It certainly stretches the concept of plausible coincidence.

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