MEREDITH — Parents of children who attend schools in the Inter-Lakes School District will likely have a choice whether to have their children attend classes this fall in-school or online, according to a memo released Friday by Superintendent Mary Moriarty.

The option was one of 10 policies listed that could likely be adopted by the Inter-Lakes School Board. The memo shows the word “likely” in italics, denoting emphasis.

In addition to the option for in-school or remote learning, Moriarty also said there is a possibility that students and staff will be required to wear face masks while inside the school building, that fall and winter sports will be canceled, class sizes will be limited to 15 students wherever possible, and that social distancing for 3 to 6 feet will be required.

The memo sent to district parents and posted on the Inter-Lakes website said the School Board will hold a work session next Tuesday to “learn about the draft opening recommendations and corresponding rationale as shared by school and district leaders.”

The district serves the communities of Meredith, Center Harbor, and Sandwich. It operates Inter-Lakes Elementary School, and Inter-Lakes Junior-Senior High School, both in Meredith; and Sandwich Central School in Sandwich.

The public will not be able to comment at the work session, but will have that opportunity when the board holds a regular meeting, scheduled for Aug. 3, at which time it is expected to vote on the plan after hearing comments from the public, the memo states.

The 10 potential policies that will also be presented to the board, along with others, for its consideration.

The 10 listed items are:

• A family choice for remote learning or face-to-face learning.

• The requirement for staff and students to wear face coverings for the face-to-face option with breaks as social distancing allows.

• A daily health screening to be completed by staff and for students prior to arrival at work/school.

• Limiting face-to-face class sizes whenever possible to fifteen (15) students.

• Physical spacing in classrooms between students ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet.

• No athletic/extra-curricular activity competitions/gatherings with other schools for the fall/winter seasons, if outdoors athletic teams can continue to practice with risk mitigation protocols in place; a decision regarding spring sports/activities recommended be made in late February.

• Development and implementation of a social/emotional/physical wellness plan.

• Limiting field experiences when appropriate to the outdoors in Belknap/Carroll counties, with risk mitigation protocols in place.

• Using remote options for group-type gatherings, including open houses, parent/teacher conferences, IEP/504 meetings.

• Monitoring COVID-19 transmission rates in our area and a process to respond accordingly based on developments.

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