Summa Humma

Marc Bourgeois said he always loved his fast and attractive performance boats. His new cruiser affords his family a different lifestyle. "This is different. It's big and slow, but it's still beautiful." (Adam Drapcho.The Laconia Daily Sun)

GILFORD — The name “Summa Humma” has graced the keel of many boats that Marc Bourgeois has had on Lake Winnipesaukee, but the boat that launched this week has a distinction: it’s the largest private vessel the lake has seen.

Bourgeois’ new boat is a 56-foot-long Galeon Sky, a sport cruiser made in Poland that arrived at Silver Sands Marina, was treated to four days of reassembly and reconditioning, and finally went for its first cruise on Thursday afternoon.

The “Summa Humma” is likely to turn a lot of heads on Winnipesuakee this summer, but that’s nothing that is new to Bourgeois. He and his family reside in the most prominent home on Governor’s Island, and his boat ownership history includes often brightly-colored performance boats.

Bourgeois grew up in Manchester, and was introduced to the Lakes Region by tagging along with the family of Scott Ouellette – now the region’s most successful restaurateur – on summer getaways. Meanwhile, Bourgeois found success of his own through MB Tractor, a brand that has seven stores in New England, with eyes on an eighth. He is also co-owner, along with Warren Colby, of GMI Paving, which works up and down the East Coast.

As his business started to grow, Bourgeois was able to indulge in some toys. His first boat was a jet ski, but his first Summa Humma was a Checkmate he bought in the 80s. “I tried to come up with a name that was a fun name, but kind of fast, race-y,” Bourgeois explained.

But his lifestyle isn’t as “race-y” any more. First of all, there’s a speed limit in place, which takes the fun out of owning triple-engined cigarette boats. He’s now married and has two kids, Trey and Anya, and his summer fun happens at a more relaxed pace. Also, he is selling his lakeside mansion – it’s listed at $9.5-million, if you’re interested – in favor of a plot that he is developing near Gunstock Mountain. When his house sells, he needs a boat that will allow his family to still spend weekends on the lake, even if their home is inland.

So, last winter, he was in Florida planning to look at some larger, used boats at a marina where a friend works, and he happened to walk past a Galeon Sky. It caught his eye.

The Galeon Sky can be piloted from a conventional helm position, but it has a trick up its sleeve. A sliding roof reveals a top deck with a second helm position for when the weather is right.

“This boat looks like a coupe,” Bourgeois said. “All of a sudden, I hit a button, it has a deck up there you didn’t even know about.”

The Galeon’s cabin is also surrounded by glass, which means that Bourgeois’ outings won’t begin and end with the tedious unfastening and refastening of canvas covers, and it has a rear deck that can be lowered to 12-inches below the water surface, making it a great swim platform, or parking place for another vessel, such as that jetski that Bourgeois bought years ago.

The Galeon has a maximum weight of 64,000 pounds, a draft of 54 inches, and can access all of Winnipesaukee, Bourgeois said. The boat is propelled by a pair of 725-horsepower diesel engines. There are three sleeping quarters, including two with queen-sized beds, a kitchen and two bathrooms. According to a representative from Marine Max, the dealer that sold Bourgeois the boat, a 560 Galeon Sky sells in the range of $1.5-million.

The new “Summa Humma” might get tongues wagging, Bourgeois admitted, but he pointed out that it doesn’t give his family anything that can’t be experienced by anyone else on the lake.

“The guy that has the 20-foot boat, at the end of the day, he has the same amount of fun as I do,” Bourgeois said. “We’re all in the water together at the sand bar, it doesn’t matter how we got there.”

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