Fern Morency

Fernand "Fern" Morency turns 100 on June 23. (Courtesy photo/New Hampshire Veterans Home)

TILTON — When World War II veteran Fernand "Fern" Morency turns 100 on June 23, the NH Veterans Home resident will be surrounded by loving family members and vivid memories. The Franklin native, who served in the U.S. Army medical corps for two years during the war, is hard of hearing and legally blind, but his views on life and his wartime experience remain crystal clear.

“I helped the medical team and was everywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole,” said Morency. “Some people I met were good and some were not so good. I learned to stay out of trouble. I worked on industrial machinery catch as catch can.”

Morency’s daughter, Jean Auger of Tilton, said her father joined the Army after graduating high school, and was stationed mostly in Burma, now called Myanmar. It was his first immersion in a world beyond his hometown. “He had never traveled anywhere before. He said he never learned how to shoot a gun, and he felt lucky about that. He never saw actual battle. He was on the outskirts of that,” she said.

Auger said her father never thought he’d get to be this old, but apart from hearing and eyesight, his general health is sound. “He’s a little forgetful, but he’s always been good natured,” she said. “He believes life is what it is and you have to embrace it as much as you can.”

What stands out in Morency’s 100 years? “I enjoyed traveling with my wife on our National Park tours, and sometimes my children went with us.”

Morency, who has three children and eight grandchildren, is celebrating the day offsite with his family.

Auger said her dad’s recipe for health and longevity is, ”Just good, clean living, and you’ll live as long as I have.” She said that Tuesday when she visited him, he said, “In two more days, it’s a big day!”

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