Elections: Selectman for three years (one seat) — Charles McGee, 695; Christopher P. Shipp, 653.

Business Meeting: Saturday, March 16, 9 a.m., Moultonborough Academy.



Elections: Selectman for three years (one seat) — Joanne D. Haight, 268; Louis G. Brunelle, 67.



Elections: Selectmen (two seats) — Melanie Streeter, 318; Rebecca S. Mason, 284; James Hidden, 219. Fire warden (one seat) — Zachary Remick, 254, Shawn Bross, 87; Michael J. Oktavec, 58. School Board (two seats) — Kathi Pladgett, 373; Francesca Priestman, 34; Madeline Siniscalchi, 4; Jim Hidden, 2.



Elections: Selectman for three years (one seat) — William J. Marcussen, 297; Guy Pike, 241. Budget Committee for three years (two seats) — Bob Theve, 306; Barry Ennis, 300; Chris Sawyer, 285. Cemetery Trustee for three years (one seat) — Carol Bush, 338; Edwin Garrett, 164. Library Trustee for three years (one seat) — Mary Ann Murray, 321; Raymond “Skip” Hurt, 190.



Elections: Police Commissioner (one seat) — Robert O’Brien, 465; Shawn J. Coope, 385; Leonard P. Pinault, 201. Budget Committee for three years (three seats) — Matthew Plache, 762; Robert E. Loughman, 706; Robert J. Tougher, 672. Budget Committee for two years (one seat) — Thomas D. Bell, 519; George G. Faul, 305. Zoning Board of Adjustment (one seat) — Sarah Silk, 536; Jerome Holden, 415; Suzanne J. Ryan, 205.

Operating Budget: $27,893,891 — (699-536 (Approved).

Collective Bargaining Agreements: Cost items of $50,711 for municipal employees — 855-363 (Passes). Cost items of $55,860 for police union contract — 890-337 (Approved).

Capital Expenditures: $1.24 million Pleasant Valley Road Bridge Construction — 963-279 (Approved). Dockside Public Restroom Improvements, $150,000 — 655-601 (Approved). Police Cruiser, $52,721 — 1001-236.

Other Articles: Effluent Disposal Pilot Study, $500,000 from lawsuit settlement funds — 977-237 (Approved). Libby Museum Feasibility Study and Final Design, $40,000 — 960-271 (Approved). Carry Beach Water Quality Study, $50,000 — 945-319 (Approved). Matching Funds for Water Quality Improvements, $50,000 — 967-257 (Approved). Allow library trustees to spend $118,463 gift from Betty Jane Schroth Revocable Trust — 1154-105. Veterans’ Tax Credit — 1101-145 (Approved).

Keno: 393-845 (Defeated).

Petitioned Articles: Change of Pine Hill Road Development District Boundary — 341-853 (Defeated). Change Business Directional Sign Code — 432-805 (Defeated).

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