LACONIA — Right now, all Brenda Case can do is hope and pray — that her friend who was brutally assaulted Monday night recovers from his injuries.

Meanwhile, she has not the slightest idea why her friend was hurt at all.

“He is just a happy-go-lucky type of guy,” said Case, of Laconia, who declined to divulge her friend’s name out of respect for the man’s family.

The man, identified by authorities as a 29-year-old Laconia resident, suffered massive head injuries when he was attacked in front of the Christian Science Church at 136 Pleasant St. about 9:30 p.m. Monday. A passerby walking a dog made the gruesome discovery and called 9-1-1.

Laconia police are continuing to investigate, but as of Thursday afternoon had no progress to report.

In an interview Wednesday evening, Case said she first met the victim about two years ago through a mutual friend.

Her friend had been living in Franklin, but had recently relocated to Laconia. Case said that she had taken him in a couple of nights while he worked to find permanent housing. She described him as an itinerant laborer, who usually did yard work and other “side work.”

She said her friend enjoyed simple pleasures, like riding his skateboard and playing his guitar.

Since late Monday night the victim has been in the intensive care unit at Concord Hospital-Laconia where, according to Laconia police, he is being kept alive on life support.

“I just pray that he gets better. That’s all I can do right now,” Case said.

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