The sidewalk in front of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, on Pleasant Street, where a 29-year-old local man was found after an apparent assault. Police are asking for the public's help in the investigation. (Adam Drapcho/The Laconia Daily Sun photo)

LACONIA — Police were appealing to the public Tuesday for any information about an assault — that could prove fatal — that occurred on Pleasant Street Monday night.

Police Chief Matt Canfield said the man suffered life-threatening head injuries and was clinging to life Tuesday afternoon.

Police were alerted to the attack at about 9:30 p.m. by a woman who was walking her dog on Pleasant Street and discovered the victim lying on the sidewalk in front of the Christian Science Church at 136 Pleasant St.

He said that police have canvassed people living in the area but so far had no information on why the attack occurred or who the assailant might be.

When police and Fire Department EMTs arrived on the scene they found the victim lying unconscious with massive head injuries, Canfield said.

The victim was rushed to Concord Hospital-Laconia, and later transferred to Concord Hospital-Concord where he remained Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m not sure if he’s going to make it,” the chief said.

Canfield said the victim, who he identified only as a 29-year-old local man, had lost a considerable amount of blood. He said it appeared the man was struck with some kind of object.

In addition to talking to people living in the area, detectives have been checking video from surveillance cameras in the vicinity in hopes of finding any clues.

“We have nothing to go on,” the chief said. “We have no information about what led to the attack or who may have done it.”

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Whoever did this is a coward and better hope the cops find em before I do. Nick were all pulling for u bro pls we need u here bro

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