GILFORD — Local police are looking for answers about five dead goats that were dumped in a wooded part of town, and are asking members of the public to share any information that might bear on what led up to the gruesome discovery.

Police were notified Monday afternoon that the remains of five domestic goats had been found at the top of Liberty Hill Road, near the old cell tower. The animals were inside trash bags.

The State Fish and Game Department had been notified that someone had discovered what they thought were the carcasses of dead deer. A conservation officer was sent to investigate and when the officer determined the remains were goats, Gilford police were notified, Gilford police Deputy Chief Kris Kelley said Tuesday.

Fish and Game only investigates matters related to wildlife, Kelley explained.

Gilford police posted a notice on the department’s Facebook page about the finding and urged anyone with relevant information to call the department. Though the Facebook post registered nearly 300 views, and close to 80 comments by noontime Tuesday, “the department has (so far) not received information to further our investigation,” Kelley said.

He said the department had not been notified about any missing goats.

Kelley said while the animals may have died of natural causes, he considered that possibility improbable.

“It’s unlikely they would have all died at the same time,” he said.

The animals appear to have been dumped either Saturday or Sunday. Several appeared to be malnourished, Kelley said.

“If they disposed of these (animals) because they (merely) died, that’s one thing,” Kelley remarked, noting that disposing of items on someone else’s property is littering. “But,” he continued, “if this is a case of cruelty then there may be punishment,” emphasizing, “It’s a felony.”

Kelley said the carcasses were disposed of by the town Public Works Department.

Anyone who may have information regarding this matter is asked to call police Sgt. Corey J. O’Connor at 603-527-4737.

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