LACONIA — A judge has ruled against two physicians formerly associated with the Laconia Clinic who wanted to reopen their suit against the multi-specialty group practice.

Dr. Alan Awrich and Dr. Adora Maharaj, who settled their suit with the clinic early this year, said the clinic violated the terms of the settlement by making them fully responsible for the tax liability associated with their shares of clinic stock.

Superior Court Judge James D O’Neill III ruled last Friday that Awrich and Maharaj were not only responsible for any taxes on the money that was paid to them, but were also responsible for any tax liabilities they incurred while they were shareholders in Laconia Clinic Properties Inc.

Awrich and Maharaj sued Laconia Clinic Properties Inc. in 2018, charging that the clinic failed to repurchase their shares of clinic stock when they left the practice in 2017 — Awrich to retire, and Maharaj to join a medical practice in Massachusetts.

The suit alleged that the clinic improperly withheld Awrich’s and Maharaj’s severances, which together amounted to $750,000.

The doctors’ lawyer, Michael Persson, had argued thaty the settlement “released the [doctors] from any and all responsibility to the [clinic], including pass-through tax liabilities for the [clinic’s] 2018 net income” which amounted to an estimated $49,000.

O’Neill found that, by accepting the settlement, Awrich and Maharaj “released any claim for damages related to the 2018 pass-through liability that they may otherwise have held against Laconia Clinic Properties.”

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