By Allison Mitzel

Last week, the LPGA Women’s Network and We Are Golf launched an awesome campaign aimed to get more women playing golf. Both organizations partnered with the PGA Tour, the USGA, PGA of America and Topgolf for their help with this grow the game initiative. What is this campaign all about? The goal is to get current golfers to invite women to come play golf with them. When you look at country clubs or any public course on a busy weekend, how many women do you see on the golf course? Research found that only 24 percent of golfers who play on a course are women. However, with places like Topgolf gaining popularity, research found that women account for 41 percent of off-course golfers. Further research, which was all conducted by the National Golf Foundation, discovered that 29 percent of women who don’t play golf are interested in playing.

            The #inviteHER campaign focuses on getting women to the golf course, and that can be done by creating a welcoming environment. All it takes is for one person to ask their friend, their coworker or even a family member to come to the golf course and introduce them to the game. Not everyone has time to play 18-holes today, but even if you can spare an hour to #inviteHER to the driving range or to play nine holes, you’re making a difference in the industry. Families with children often find it difficult for both parents to get away, but what about considering going to the driving range before dinner for a date night when you a sitter?

             Women should not shy away from learning the game of golf while they have a family. By inviting women to the game of golf, you are also inviting the family. Bring your children to the golf course and introduce them to the game as well. Children can begin with plastic clubs before they are old enough for their first real set. The golf course should always be a welcoming environment for women and children, and I ask that you do your part by inviting her to golf!









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