Kelley Watkins

Kelley Watkins

HealthFirst Family Care Center has announced Kelley Watkins, APRN, is joining its team and is now accepting new patients.

Kelley received her master of science degree from the University of NH and became a board-certified family nurse practitioner in 2014. Kelley has a deep passion for and will be working primarily within HealthFirst’s medication assisted treatment and substance use disorder treatment programs. Kelley strongly believes in taking a whole-person approach to recovery. She has worked extensively with elderly patients from the Medicare population, acute and long-term care of individuals with disabilities and/or complex chronic conditions, children and adults with comprehensive health maintenance, and adolescent and young adult care. Additionally, Kelley is certified to perform DOT physicals for companies/individuals in need.

Medication Assisted Treatment is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders. This combination of therapies is effective and can help some patients to sustain recovery. HealthFirst’s patient-centered approach values and encourages treatment of the whole patient, including mind and body, physical and emotional. They have assembled a specialized team dedicated to helping patients achieve sobriety and live a life free of substances with a goal to help patients learn to live without drugs by developing healthier coping skills during their course of treatment. This harm-reduction based program provides patient’s access to an MAT provider, a LADC, a mental health provider, and a CRSW. The staff at HealthFirst works to support all patients to determine the appropriate level of care for them.

“We are very fortunate to have Kelley join our HealthFirst team of providers. Kelley’s passion for MAT and SUD treatment will provide us the added bench strength in our treatment and recovery programs that have grown considerably since the onset of the pandemic. Kelley’s expertise and dedication to treating the whole person will be a true asset to the patients she works with and we are proud to have her join our team of professionals providing high quality health care in the Lakes Region,” said Russ Keene, Chief Executive Officer.

Kelley will began seeing patients June 1 and MAT services are available in the Franklin, Tilton, and Laconia locations. If you are looking to learn more about our MAT or SUD programs and or would like to schedule an appointment, please call HealthFirst at 603-934-1464 or 603-366-1070. You can also visit to request an appointment.

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