HealthFirst MAT Team

Left to right, the HealthFirst MAT Team of Nancy Nemcovich; Kelley Watkins; Kim Haney; Kristie Curtis, recovery friendly workplace advisor; and Tricia Furbish accept the governor’s Recovery Friendly Workplace designation. (Courtesy photo)

FRANKLIN — HealthFirst Family Care Center became the most recent organization in New Hampshire to receive the governor’s designation as a recovery friendly workplace.

Kim Haney, medication assisted treatment program manager, said, “HealthFirst places a high value on assuring a welcoming, inclusive environment and culture of health that optimizes work and life potential for all our staff and the clients we serve. In keeping with this value, we are committed to creating a healthy, safe, and stigma-free work environment through our participation in the New Hampshire governor's Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative. We want to encourage an environment where our employees, their families, partners, and our communities collaborate to create positive change and eliminate barriers to recovery for those impacted by addiction.”

The Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative provides no-cost benefits for participating workplaces that include trainings on how to create and support a RFW culture for all employees. Additionally, it partners with RFW advisors to help meet customized business needs related to substance use disorders and it connects employees to an array of community prevention, treatment, and recovery resources.

For anyone who needs support services, HealthFirst offers medication assisted treatment, the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders. This combination of therapies is effective and can help some patients to sustain recovery. 

To learn more about HealthFirst’s MAT program or to schedule an appointment, call 603-934-1464, or visit

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