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Steve Rand enjoys coffee most mornings at Cafe Monte Alto. (Courtesy photo)

PLYMOUTH — Plymouth Rotarian Steve Rand is an example of the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.” Rand’s father, Robert Rand, and his uncle, Watson Rand, were long-time enthusiasts and senior active members of the club. Both served as club presidents, Robert in 1959 and Watson in 1953. Rand joined in 1985.

Rand says he thinks the best part of the Plymouth Rotary Club is that it puts him in the company of like-minded people that value service to others.” Rand appreciates the opportunity the Plymouth Rotary presents to do good in the community. He views the Rotary symbol, the gear wheel, as a symbol of a hub of action, with each member acting as a cog that helps the group get things done.

A member for 35 years, Rand has assumed various leadership roles. He served as chair of the Plymouth 250th Anniversary celebration, chaired the Hometown Holiday Parade, helped build the Rotary amphitheater on Green Street next to the courthouse, participated as a member of the Friends of the Pemi with the State of New Hampshire to make Livermore Falls a state park. He has worked on many Rotary Penny Sales to raise funds for local scholarships, and has helped the club put up holiday decorations on the Plymouth green each year. Currently, Rand is helping found the Common Good Coalition of Plymouth, a nonpartisan political organization.

Rand is proud of his work to preserve the Daniel Webster Courthouse, a 36-by-36-foot post-and-beam building built in 1774 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building currently houses the Plymouth Historical Society. 

Though he left Plymouth for a time while he attended college and served in the military, he returned to his hometown to manage the 110-year-old family business, Rand’s Hardware. He recently also served in the State Legislature. He has a four-year old grandson who keeps him busy in his spare time. 

What people don’t know about Rand is that before Rand’s Hardware was his focus, he was a sheep farmer in Wentworth. His mother’s side of the family was heavily engaged in farming and agriculture. Rand helped raise sheep, goats, chickens, and two dogs and three cats.  

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