Iain MacLeod Goodhue-Elkins Award

Iain MacLeod, left, receives the Goodhue-Elkins Award from New Hampshire Audubon, presented by Chris Martin, right. (Courtesy photo/Dyanna Smith)

HOLDERNESS — Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Executive Director Iain MacLeod was awarded the Goodhue-Elkins Award at New Hampshire Audubon’s 105th annual meeting at Camp Pasquaney on Sept. 21.

The award is presented by NH Audubon annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the study of New Hampshire birds. The award is named for Charles Goodhue, one of the state’s great pioneer birders, and Kimball Elkins, the model of critical observation and insightful record keeping.

Chris Martin, NH Audubon senior raptor biologist, presented the award. MacLeod started his career in his native Scotland where he worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. He moved to New Hampshire in the late 1980s and began working for NH Audubon in 1988.

Around 1995, when there were no documented Osprey pairs nesting in New Hampshire’s Merrimack River watershed, MacLeod recruited arborist Dan Geiger to help build an experimental Osprey nest at Turkey Pond in Concord. He then built another artificial nest on Massabesic Lake in Manchester, again with Geiger’s assistance. This second effort succeeded, when two young Ospreys were banded and fledged from the Massabesic nest in 1999.

MacLeod spent 18 years working for NH Audubon. He represented New Hampshire while serving as the Hawk Migration Association of North America’s board chair 2007-2009, and he has also been a leader with the Northeast Hawk Watch. In 2006 MacLeod began as executive director of Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, where he furthered his Osprey research. 

MacLeod has also assisted annually with bald eagle monitoring at nine Lakes Region nests. Other contributions include running the Milan Breeding Bird Survey route since 2002, serving on the New Hampshire Bird Records Editorial Team and writing numerous articles for the publication, and serving on the New Hampshire Rare Birds Committee.

Martin said, “Throughout his years in New Hampshire, he has also led field trips, shared his knowledge and inspired others – in the words of Iva Roger de Coverley on her award nomination form, Iain has been ‘spreading an appreciation for our birds and teaching the benefits of preserving these beautiful creatures.’” He continued, “For over 30 years, Iain MacLeod has been advancing our understanding and appreciation of New Hampshire birds, and especially our knowledge of birds of prey. For these actions, and many others I have not mentioned today, Iain is without question a well-deserving recipient of NH Audubon’s 2019 Goodhue-Elkins Award.”

For further information about the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, call 603-968-7194 or visit www.nhnature.org.

For information on New Hampshire Audubon, call 603-224-9909, or visit www.nhaudubon.org.

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