WOLFEBORO — Island Glow Beauty, located at 36 Center St., Suite 6A, opened on Thursday, Nov. 11.

“We describe ourselves as a ‘luxurious beauty bar and day spa,’” said Owner Sandra Bullis, who is a licensed aesthetician, derma-plane certified, and certified makeup artist and lash artist.

Acknowledging many spas focus on younger clients, Bullis said her business will differentiate itself by catering to all ages with a focus on helping older clients age gracefully.

“I have the skills to help older generations age gracefully,” she said. “I can assist clients with some treatments where they will see immediate results.”

Her inspiration for beauty results from an internal motivation. “I love the feeling of helping people to feel good about themselves,” she explained.

In addition to formal training, Bullis said her background includes customer service and hospitality.

“In both industries, you are getting to know your customers, and they are all about customer service,” she noted. “In the restaurant business, you have to get to know people and make sure they have everything they need. In the beauty industry, you get to know them but in a more personal and in-depth way… You are helping them to look and feel their greatest, while making a smart decision about their skin.”

This synergy between the two industries still exists for Bullis, who is lead server and bartender at Burnt Timber Brewing & Tavern, located across from Island Glow Beauty.

“I have known the owner, Eddie (Michno), for a bit — and a couple months ago, he said, ‘I saw the way you work, and I like the way you work, so come work for me,’” she said.

According to Michno, Bullis’s approach to business in general will indirectly help Wolfeboro itself.

“Sandra is a great asset to this community, delivering outstanding customer service and care in everything she does,” he said. “I wish her all the best and will do whatever I can as a fellow business owner to promote her business to others.”

To learn more about Bullis or Island Glow Beauty, visit islandglowsb.com. Island Glow Beauty is located at 36 Center St., Suite 6A which is accessible behind the TD Bank parking lot, above Wolfeboro Eye Associates.

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