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Eastern Propane & Oil recently acquired Wolfeboro Oil Company. From left are Josh Anderson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Eastern Propane & Oil; Meghan Anderson, chief culture officer and fourth-generation member of Eastern Propane & Oil; Howie Bean, owner/president of Wolfeboro Oil Company; and Chuck Clement III, owner/president of Eastern Propane & Oil. (Courtesy Photo)

WOLFEBORO — Eastern Propane & Oil, family-owned and -operated since 1932, continues to grow with the recent acquisition of Wolfeboro Oil Company.

“Over the last six decades, the Bean family has built a successful business based on exceptional customer service,” said Tom Manson, chief executive officer of Eastern Propane & Oil. “We are honored they have chosen Eastern to continue to serve their customers. Like Eastern, Wolfeboro Oil is a company that values being a part of, and giving back to, the communities it serves. We look forward to continuing that commitment to community involvement. We are pleased to welcome the Wolfeboro Oil family to Eastern.”

For 87 years, Eastern has handled customers’ fuel and service needs, while Wolfeboro Oil has likewise been dedicated to its customers — a major reason the company has been so successful.

Howie Bean, owner and president of Wolfeboro Oil Company, said, “For nearly 60 years, Wolfeboro Oil has been serving the local community and, with their support, the business has grown steadily. To meet the future needs of our customers, we feel that the resources of a company like Eastern are essential. Eastern is a company that cares as deeply as we do about the customers, employees, and communities we serve and we are excited to join the family.”

For more information, visit www.eastern.com.

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