CONCORD — Concord Hospital Board of Trustees recently elected new officers Sol Asmar, chair, and Philip Emma, vice chair. Existing officers include William Chapman, Esq., secretary; Robert Steigmeyer, president and chief executive officer, ex-officio; and Scott Sloane, treasurer, a non-trustee.

New trustees Rosemary Heard of CATCH Neighborhood Housing and Lucy Karl,

Esq. of Shaheen & Gordon, PA join existing trustees Valerie Acres, Esq.; Frederick Briccetti, MD; Michelle Chicoine; Peter Cook; Peter Noordsij,

MD; Manisha Patel, DDS; David Ruedig; Muriel Schadee; Robert Segal; Lon

Setnik, MD, ex-officio, medical staff president; David Stevenson, MD

and Jeffrey Towle.

Capital Region Health Care Board of Trustees existing officers include Meg Miller, chair; Valerie Acres, Esq., vice chair and secretary; Robert Steigmeyer, president and chief executive officer, ex-officio; and Scott Sloane, treasurer, non-trustee. 

New trustees Michelline Dufort of UNH Center for Family Business and the CEO Forum and Mel Severance of Curbstone Financial, ex-officio trustee and chair of Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association, join existing trustees Sol Asmar; Teri Brehio, MD; William Chapman, Esq.; BJ Entwisle, MD; Christian Hallowell, MD; Lucy Hodder, Esq.; David Ruedig; Muriel Schadee, CPA; Robert Segal; David Stevenson, MD; Jeffrey Towle; and Leslie Walker, CPA, ex-officio trustee and chair of Riverbend Community Mental Health.

The Boards of Trustees serve as the governing bodies of Concord Hospital and Capital Region Health Care respectively.

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