To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in regards to Kete Miller's hyper-sensitive letter regarding the "cruelty" going on at our southern border.

These DOCTORED photos were all from the Bush/Obama years. The detention facilities the "kids" are put into these days are better than most daycare facilities — complete with AC, video games, play areas and the like. But liberals like you Kate have no problem with illegals BREAKING the law — in fact the only people Kate expects to OBEY all the loony leftie laws are patriotic, straight white men.

Kate, I have ZERO compassion for these INVADERS storming our southern border and then DEMANDING every freebie under the sun — that you and I PAY FOR, while many of our own vets go HOMELESS thanks to Democrats like you.

My compassion goes to vets and to all the BLACKLISTED and BANNED victims of liberal identity politics.

Mark "Scooter" Ahlers

Flushing, NY

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