To The Daily Sun,

If BLACK LIVES MATTER you’d never know it by the success their political advocates have had in making life better for them. That would be the Democarts. In fact, you can’t find one economic measure where these self-proclaimed, chest-pounding, hate-spewing do-gooders have lifted the lives of blacks one tiny bit. Let alone reverse what has been a 50 year, unbroken decline for them. Yes indeed, we ALL should feel the DEEPEST SORROW for how blacks have been treated both past and present. They’ve been Shanghighed by the greatest BS artists of the last century, seeking expanded political power.

Sending Democrats to rescue blacks is like sending Dr. Jack Kevorkian to add life expectancy to a sick person. Never have so many people failed so badly, for so long, in what’s been a never ending litany of promises to lift black lives from LBJ last century to Barak Obama this one. All with ZERO success.

No Democart has the honesty to talk about that multi-generation, multi-trillion dollar abject failure to lift blacks, still going on. It’s their fault, no one elses. Its not the police, it’s not Republicans, its not business interests, its not the KKK, it’s not rich people. It’s the stink’n, rotten-to-the-core, Democratic Party that plays blacks like guitar strings. Blacks are to Democarts what poker chips are to gamblers. Just a form of currency for their political, slot machine.

Nothing serves the best political interests of the Democratic Party better than an endless stream of black, white, green or purple people DEPENDENT on a government piñata filled with trillions in a quid-pro-quo exchange of public money for private votes. Nothing could be any worse for the political prospects of Democrats than ever fewer blacks and poor dependent on trillions in handouts from government that in the end do nothing to lift them. Selling victimhood as a political product assures such people will indeed be VICTIMS forever.

It’s why blacks as a race have not moved upward one inch under the 24/7 yelling, race-baiting, hate-inciting screams from the Democratic Party for the last 60 years, beginning with LBJ GREAT NEW SOCIETY promises to deliver blacks a better life. If we ‘re looking to hold people personally responsible for black stagnation and decline we can start by hanging LBJ in effigy. If we can tear down statues of slavers we can sure HANG the reputations of in your face, lying, SOB, past presidents like LBJ.

Hilariously, the best president for blacks economic welfare this century has been DONALD TRUMP. Yes TRUMP! There isn’t an economic metric where until the virus hit blacks weren’t far better off and further ahead than they had been since the 1960s. Democrats reaction to that Herculean feat? SPIT ON TRUMP. Democrats are not interested in lifting the lives of blacks. In fact just the opposite. They want to make even more millions of them dependent on others to survive.

Tony Boutin


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