To The Daily Sun,

At this time I would like to recommend Tim Sullivan, Peter Karagianis, and Rick Notkin for the Gilford Budget Committee and for the Gilford School Board Kyle Sanborn and Gretchen Gandini. I also believe Gus Benavides has a proven record at the Selectman's level.

I believe them to be capable of deciding the difference between “wants” and “needs” when it comes to the spending of your tax dollars and voting accordingly.

I believe that they will not waste any of our money on things that we as a School District don't need and at the same time make sure that we do have all of the necessities including. but not limited to, our children's education.

FYI, please note, that our student population has been on the decline for a number of years, but not necessarily the number of staff at the same rate. Since 2008 , the student population has declined 15 percent, while the staff has only declined 10 percent.

State Rep. Harry H. Bean


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Common Sense

Yeah, let's round us up some teachers and a fire em!


Staff rarely shrinks at the same rate as the student population, because if you have 25 kids in a classroom and then it goes to 20, you still have that same teacher. Student population decreases generally only impact aides - not the majority of staff. That staff number looks correct.

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