To The Daily Sun,

Your headline about a lack of cell phone service being a public hazard is laughable and foolish. The supply of cell phone service to the multi-tasking pocket television addicts is the real public hazard. I don't see people lined up on the side of the road making their cell phone calls. I see them with their radiation-emitting devices glued to their ears or they are looking down punching letters with their thumbs.

They certainly are not paying attention to driving. They are weaving left and right, they slow down and speed up and we all know it is an American's right to go 15 mph under the speed limit while they are texting or talking.

Here's a novel concept, I don't own a cell phone, never have, never will. I don't have any of the problems associated with electronic garbage. I like to look out the front window when I drive!

Isn't it illegal to make cell phone calls while driving unless you have "hands free?" I know they don't all use blue tooth. You are promoting illegal activity, a dangerous policy. It just doesn't make sense. I told you I was a fossil!

Steve Fiorini


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Alan Moon

Distracted drivers are as dangerous as drunk ones. I see them on the road all the time.






So aren’t the NH drivers who blow through stop signs and yellow lights.


And for people in their HOMES who lost telephone service when the power goes out because their phone comes in via cable


I believe they are referring to Emergency situations, not your view.

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