To The Daily Sun,

The Republican Party needs to stop pandering to the "woke" corporations and tech giants of the 21st century and wake up to the fact that they are the party of the blue-collar workers and the middle class. In the last election, 79 percent of mechanics, 60 percent of small business owners and 59 percent of custodians gave to the Republican Party. The Democrat Party is now the party of "entrenched power" said Tucker Carlson and boy has he hit the nail on the head. Most college professors and teachers' unions donate to the Democratic Party. Banks and Wall Street also give far more to the Democrat Party. Corporate America and the tech giants are mostly all in for progressive leftism, and sadly that now includes most major league sports. Sorry Atlanta, Georgia!

"Control the borders, demand fair trade deals, fight the power of big tech and stand up for small businesses," that should be the flashing big sign message of the Republican Party. "Denounce wokeness as the moral atrocity that it is." These are Tucker's assertions as to how the GOP can broaden its base. And preserve liberty and the bill of rights, I might add. According to a memo by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., "Hispanic, especially African American voters are even more put-off by Democrat efforts to redefine sex, than your average voter. Hispanic and African American voters oppose the Equality Act by 10 and 5 more points than the average voter. And amazingly, 42 percent of Hispanic Biden voters have a negative opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement . . . and their opposition to the nuclear family and support for defunding the police, compared to just 6 percent of white voters." Rep. Banks goes on to say, "Democrats' agenda is now shaped entirely by corporate interests and radical, elite cultural mores, but they still rely on many blue-collar voters." Of course, Democrats and the legacy, mainstream media do not want you to have this information. Not now, while their full-fledged, radical, Marxist agenda is in full speed ahead, bulldozer mode.

The mid-terms had better be a referendum on the wokeness of the Democrat Party and the cold water upside the head, awakening of the Republican Party. How is everyone enjoying these first 80 days around the woke world of the Biden/Harris presidency? The border crisis is a full-blown humanitarian emergency. President Joe Biden put his vice president in charge and yet she is almost three weeks MIA on the issue. "Build Back Better Biden" incentivized child migration with his "you are all welcome in to stay" message. He suspended construction on the border to assist the human smuggling rackets and brought back "catch and release." Our AWOL on the border president and vice president claim they are fixing the migration mess that our former president left them. Uh huh.

Russ Wiles


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I suspect it would take more than 80 days to recover from the disaster left by the former president even if we weren't in the middle of a global pandemic! Yes, the former guy made this country worse! Yes, it will take time to fix! No, it did not magically get better on the morning of January 21st! Yes, you can adopt some kind of fictitious moral high-ground if that makes you feel better. Pardon us if we don't join in the delusion....

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