To The Daily Sun,

What is Dawn Johnson thinking by running for mayor of our great city? Dawn Johnson does NOT represent Laconia values.

Let's remember she has stated many times that COVID is fake. She posted anti-Jewish memes as well as articles on her personal Twitter and Facebook and never truly apologized. She is hateful to anyone with differing views and often lashes put attacking anyone who does not agree with her.

As a Republican, I am truly embarrassed by her candidacy. Dawn Johnson is not even a Republican. She is a far-right extremist and doesn't think for herself. She does what the far right groups tell her to do.

This is a true embarrassment to our community that she has the audacity to think she is even mayor material. Let's remember our own Republican Governor Chris Sununu has spoken out against her and her actions.

Please Laconia, wake up. Under no circumstances should anyone support distasteful Dawn Johnson for Mayor.

Rob Valencia


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Michael Breen Ph.D.

What specifically is your issue? Do you have a substantive precise complaint? What exactly did she do, write, or say ?


You don't know? Wow

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