To The Daily Sun,

I, along with most of our country, was dismayed with the display of violence at our Capitol. Any violence under the guise of protest, one of the most important things to me about our country, is absolutely intolerable. What's worse, though, is the hypocrisy and sensationalistic tactics of media outlets and lawmakers. When mayors in some places pull law enforcement and public services out of cities, leaving a "coincidentally" disarmed population of innocent men, women and children to savages who riot, burn, loot and destroy personal property, we should all be disgusted and angry. Instead, what you heard was that "protesters," who had a right to be angry, were given the ability to vent their righteous anger. In stark contrast, within minutes of the invasion of our Capitol Building, on all media outlets, was heard the words "mob", "riot" and "insurrection." Although several windows and a podium were broken, no fires were set, no wholesale destruction of the people's property occurred and no one was seen looting valuable historic items. The same people in our government who gave tacit approval to the dangerous behavior of the "righteously acting protestors" I discussed earlier now rallied to call for arrests and prosecution. It seems to me that this kind of behavior is the very thing fueling the anger of the people involved in this aggression towards our government. Again, violence is never the answer and the wrong way no matter what the situation, but it would be great, for once, if news outlets would report the obvious honestly and fairly. I won't hold my breath waiting.

Richard Scacheri


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