To The Daily Sun,

This week, I will cover two more pieces of legislation I am cosponsoring. Each will affect New Hampshire’s farms and agricultural industry. These bills are the most recent endeavors I have joined.

A new bill I am cosponsoring will allow farmers to produce and sell liquor on a small scale. Farms will be allowed to produce up to 1,000 cases of liquor per year and may sell it for off-site consumption. It will enable our farmers to tap into a new growing market and grow our local economies in Carroll County.

A second bill I am soon-to-be cosponsoring will seek to save NH’s organic certification program for livestock. Due to this issue happening very recently, Rep. Dan Wolf (R-Newbury), Rep. Peter Bixby (D-Dover), and I have requested State Sen. Jay Kahn (D-Keene) file this legislation. We will be recruiting elected officials from both parties to join us.

The bill is currently being drafted, but the explicit goal will be to appropriately fund the program without burdening taxpayers and ensure the Department of Agriculture has the proper resources to continue the program. We also want to ensure the program meets all national standards for “organic.”

If NH loses its organic certification program for livestock, small farms will be forced to become certified with expensive for-profit firms out of state. This will price many small producers out of the market and increase the production costs for organic products for all producers. Small farms will lose their competitive edge, and prices will increase on consumers. We are hoping to prevent this from happening.

If you have any questions about these pieces of legislation, please contact me at or 603-387-4210. Thank you.

Rep. Brodie Deshaies


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