To The Daily Sun,

President Joe Biden was proud to announce Kamala Harris as the vice president. He soon proudly appointed

her in charge of the crisis he created at our southern border. I am sure you recall it. even if the national

media which pushed his candidacy has tried to ignore it. Why would you destroy a working program

simply because you hate the ex-president?

Back to Ms. Harris. She seems to be unable to answer serious questions in a serious manner.

I believe her distracting giggling is symptomatic of her realization of her total ineptitude. No, I am

not a psychologist, it is simply an opinion based on experience. She has yet to visit where she

has been appointed to make decisions. When asked point blank why she hasn't been there, she avoids

honest answers. Pretty much the typical answer of all Biden appointees.

The administration which claimed it would be the most open and accessible in history has proven to be the opposite, the least forthcoming and least honest in our history. I hope honest people can see that they care not about the American public, but only about

satisfying those who line their pockets with money.

Peter Kirk


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The least forthcoming & least honest administration in history? Considering the fact that we were all here for the single term that the former potus managed to bumble, lie & grift his way through, obviously we know that isn't true! Kamala Harris can go to the border...but that won't fix the problem, so...? The problem comes down to the conditions in their home countries. Until conditions are better, people will continue to try to go somewhere that is. She's focusing on fixing the problem, looking at what we can do to actually help. She has made that clear.

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