To The Daily Sun,

I would like to notify our society of one crucial issue: young people are not being politically educated. As some have realized, there are many honest conservative news stories which have been criticized and ridiculed under the circumstances of what liberals may call “hate speech.”

However, I have the strongest feeling that they lie in such a way as to shield millennials from believing anything other that what the left has brainwashed them into thinking.

If you surveyed a variety of students from a public high school on their current knowledge of politics and where they found that information, you would be astonished at how many students received that information from apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.. What you may not know about these apps is that each one has been guilty of censoring out conservative news from their advertisements.

I understand that these apps are privately owned and I would vote not to force them to change what they advertise, for that would directly violate many of their freedoms. However, I do not understand how conservative activists, or even just people who would like to see that the young are being exposed to all sides of a controversial topic, can sit still and let this generation become so undoubtedly corrupt by leftist propaganda.

I must emphasize that we, who know and uphold the truth, have a duty to spread our knowledge of it. Especially to those in positions of authority, including teachers, politicians, educators of any kind, and influencers around the world, you have the power to unveil the truth and let them decide for themselves how they wish to proceed.

Let’s stop hiding from the liberals, and start helping those who have been brainwashed.

Grace Shoemaker


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Since the 'right' are oxymoronic hypocrites, it's a logical jump for them to draw that conclusion

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