To The Daily Sun,

Greetings to my fellow “taxpayers” — in the event you are not aware, one of our elected “Selectpersons” recently resigned. This is the third resignation from the BOS in the past four years.

Our town has been under the governing of folks who are considered of the progressive ideology. As far as I know, Sanbornton has never experienced the turn-over of town department positions as we have in the past five years. We have to ask ourselves why, and at the same time, why are we experiencing such high tax increases. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Over the past five years, we have experienced nearly a 100% turnover in town administrative positions. The latest is the Deputy Town Clerk, preceded by one of our Selectpersons (a little PC).

Dave Nickerson has made it public that he would volunteer to serve out the balance of the departing BOS member to maintain some stability in our town government. Why is Dave the best choice? Dave faithfully served on the BOS for nine years, until he was unseated by John Ohlmstead, the current chairman of the BOS. Dave keeps informed in regards to town issues and why his and our taxes are on the increase, and he is well aware of the governing process. He needs no training, nor will he be influenced by the current agenda of the BOS. Dave is a dyed-in-the-wool taxpayer advocate.

Why am I telling you all this? I believe, if we come together on behalf of the taxpayers of Sanbornton, we can pressure the BOS to select Dave Nickerson to serve out the vacated seat on the BOS until March 2020. You can make a contribution to this process simply by writing a short note to the Board of Selectmen pledging your support for Dave Nickerson to complete the remaining months of the seat of Katy Wells North’s term. It is best to mail your note to Sanbornton Town Office, 573 Sanborn Road, Sanbornton NH 03269, Att. BOS.

If you decide to support Dave, you must do it now! The BOS will make their decision Thursday, Aug. 22, one other person being considered. Let’s upset the “apple cart” and not make it as easy as it has been in the past to bring in an insider.

Jack Robinson


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