To The Daily Sun,

Answer to the letter from Michael Sweet of Jan. 16, 2020.

To Michael Sweet, the very un-sweet man,

You know when you insult one “Steve” in the world who voted for Trump, via a public letter, you are also insulting all the others who voted for Trump. No, we are not all “morons” (a word you probably shouldn’t use freely). We don’t all wear MAGA hats, and most of us do not have tattered, faded flags in our pickup trucks — I mean in our used Subarus.

By the way, you have asked “Steve” why he is so worried about Socialism taking over — maybe you should ask yourself.

I don’t think we’re ignorant or too near-sighted to see the chaos, hate, and division in the country, as you put it in your letter. It happened as soon as others saw a “strong man” standing next to the others on the Republican side; yes, the man with the funny hair. That chaos, hate, and division was directed at Donald Trump, and still is and will continue by those who do not want an outsider as President of the United States — no matter how capable that man might be.

Living in reality,

Maureen Zock


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