To The Daily Sun,

As a health care provider it is maddening to me to see the amount of people who are not wearing masks in public. While I am not on the front lines in the ER or ICU my heart goes out to our health care providers on the front line, risking their lives, the lives of their families to take care of Covid-19 patients. I heard the other night that about 600 health care providers working on the front lines have died. All the health care experts tell us that wearing a mask and social distancing is the most important thing that we can do to try and fight this infection. Yet many choose not to wear masks in public. These people are not only putting themselves at risk, but in addition are putting their fellow citizens at risk.

I have used the term Covidiots in my recent letters, and not wearing masks in public puts one in that category. You can listen to the experts, or you can listen to writers to this paper who openly lie to push their political agenda. But the biggest Covidiot that I know is Donald Trump. He disregards his own CDC guidelines to hold rallies, to sooth his own fragile ego. He has the ability to possible save tens of thousands of lives by encouraging people to wear masks, but due to his narcissistic personality he is a unable to admit that he is so far over his head in dealing with this pandemic.

A recent survey stated that 24 percent of Republicans get their primary information of Covid-19 from Trump. What fools they are. Just look at the recent increase in cases throughout the South and Southwest. This pandemic, regardless what the administration says is far from over.

Finally, if you are one of those not wearing a mask, due us a favor. If you get sick do not go to the ER or to your primary care provider. Don’t put health care providers at risk for your stupidity. Finally please just wear the damn mask, you may not only save your own life, but you may also save the life of your neighbor.

Mirno Pasquali


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