To The Daily Sun,

Two recent letters in this paper show that the writers are Donald Trump supporters who can't swallow that Joe Biden honestly won election to our presidency. One offers to get Biden into Belknap County's Nursing Home — super snarky. Makes me think of a by-passed cheerleader-hopeful (high school age) spitting out zingers at a girl who did make it through try-outs.

The other overlooks that his aged Trump-hero is the one who called for Afghanistan to be emptied of our troops but left it for Biden to do. All war is messy, and taking suddenly out of the arena what was put in incrementally, over decades, in no way can be smoothly done. At the same time, the death numbers in our U.S. near 700,000 from COVID-19, abetted by anti-vaxxers and Trump-copying liars. It's a mega-problem Trump tried to ignore or brush away, so Joe Biden inherited it. The thoughtless words of either anti-Biden writer are not in the civic interest. I am sad for both writers. History will leave them in the dust or already is doing that.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Another severe case of Trump derangement syndrome.

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