To The Daily Sun,

Please take notice. The Democratic Party under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders is preparing to tax the pants off every middle class American taxpayer in the country. This is not about the top one percent and it was never. The first part of the plan is to hire thousands of new IRS agents and the second part of the plan is to go after every bank transaction over $600.

This will mean more government intervention into your personal lives to pay for trillions of dollars in new wasteful spending. More money will be available for nutty programs that in no way encourage work. 

This administration is already lowering the bar so to speak regarding our way of life. Their attitude is one whereby American citizens are regarded as having too much and demands more equity throughout our society which can be translated as socialism plain and simple.

It is hard to believe that this country already in debt owing almost $30 trillion and technically bankrupt is willing to keep printing money. Keep the presses going 24 hours a day according to the so-called Progressives.

We are witnessing what will become our downfall as China moves ahead militarily and financially. Are you aware that China is currently building 30 new coal fired and nuclear power plants? They are disciplined and dedicated to becoming the new world leader. Just look at what they are doing in the South China sea building islands for new military bases and developing hypersonic missiles made possible by young Chinese engineers educated in this country. You cannot make this stuff up. 

Do not look to Washington for help from President Joe Biden as even our allies realize that he is incompetent. New Hampshire's collection of Democratic senators and representatives are fine with this because they are soldiers dedicated to the same mission, printing money which exacerbates inflation with no end in sight as seen on your store shelves.

Kenneth L. Bowers


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Thought we could not write lies???

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