To The Daily Sun,

There was a letter written to this newspaper in which the author claimed that, “liberals have zero respect for Christians.”

That statement is flatly wrong. Many liberals advocate political policies that emanate directly from a Christian core that defines their public philosophy. It was liberals who advocated and passed Social Security and Medicare to alleviate the deprivation of the elderly. It was liberals who sponsored legislation that allowed wage-earning people the chance to feed themselves and their families. It was liberals who passed laws to treat African Americans humanely and justly and yes, it is liberals now who want health care to be a right and not a privilege for the few.

For many of these liberals these policies stem from Christ’s instructions to His apostles, “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.” Liberals were assisted in their political reforms many times by like-minded conservatives who perhaps had similar motives.

We are most fortunate to all have First Amendment rights to freely express our ideas in a public forum and should continue to do so. But when someone condemns the people who ascribe to a political philosophy so erroneously, it must also be stated that the condemnation is incorrect. It is injurious to many and frankly, quite insulting.

Jayne Morris Crowther


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If by "Christians" people are referring to the kind of people who view Donald J. Trump as the second coming of Jesus Christ, then as the founder of Liberals like Christ, Inc., I would expect true “liberals (to) have zero respect for (such) Christians."
Thanks you, Ms. Crowther for pointing out a few of the wonderful things that liberals have achieved over the years out of love for their neighbors. To see the whole encyclopedia of ways liberals have promoted the teaching and example of Jesus of Nazareth, go to our http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/Christlike website.
Rev. R D


They don’t care, but it was a nice letter 🌸

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