To The Daily Sun,

My home recently received a mailer from the New Hampshire Republican Party focused on the Democratic candidate for state Senate, Mason Donovan. As a supporter of Mason, I would like to thank the New Hampshire Republican Party for giving Mason free publicity in their mailer. It highlighted the fact that Mason is an advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion and is dedicated to supporting our local public schools.

Mason came from an underprivileged background. During a campaign event a few weeks back, he told me about his childhood and upbringing, during which, his home was foreclosed on, and auctioned off. He told us the pain and hardships his family went through, and the inspiration he gained to work on behalf of people who are struggling the same way his family did. Mason can empathize with our communities’ hard-working citizens, like myself, because, despite what the Republican Party may want you to think, he has worked hard for the life he has now.

Also, as someone that started a business from scratch right here in New Hampshire, he understands what is needed to bring local jobs to Laconia.

Furthermore, I am glad that he is in favor of fixing “our educational funding system.” Even though I currently reside in Laconia, I am a proud product of my local public-school system in New York. A recent article in this paper, described how our Laconia High School may lose its accreditation over deficiencies. Clearly, our schools need help. Mason knows the voucher bill supported by Senator French will end up being the single biggest property tax hike Laconia has ever seen. None of us can afford that. I would rather see my tax dollars going to fund public education and help our own children.

He is the only candidate I have seen that is going to every city council and selectboard to ask for their guidance and advice. As a former selectboard member, he understands what happens with legislators when they forget who they are really representing. Isn’t that what we want; somebody in tune with our local needs then with Washington's?

Once again, thank you, New Hampshire Republican Party. I wouldn’t have worded your mailer the same way, but the message is clear. Mason will fight for both our communities’ citizens and, at the same time continue using his business experience to help bring more jobs to our district. He will represent people of all backgrounds, not just the wealthy, because he knows what it takes to get through life’s hardships. He will make sure that our government, schools and local businesses are working for our entire community. Mason Donovan is who we need as our next state senator.

Mark Weinreb


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