To The Daily Sun,

In response to Bruce Jenket’s “Mainstream media is in cahoots with corrupt politicians”:

I feel privileged to be referred to in Mr Jenket’s most recent offering of his disturbingly tainted view of the events of Jan. 6. For starters, I never stated that this was an insurrection, and the last thing he should say is that I, among the others he noted, don’t care.

Let’s briefly discuss his evidence. Viking Guy, from all appearances, albeit a touch weird in his choice of garb, was a harmless individual along for whatever ride he might encounter. All in all, in what I saw, he was harmless. Although Mr. Jenket neglected to use this example, there was a guy dressed to the nines in tactical gear, including helmet and bullet-proof vest, shown on video in the hallowed Senate chamber telling his fellow “tourists” to be respectful of the space. Frankly, unlike Charlottesville, there very well may have been “good people on both sides.”

However, the definition of insurrection is: The act or an instance of revolting, especially violently against civil or political authority or against an established government. There was indeed violent behavior exemplified by a great many and if anyone thinks beating police with flag poles, metal barriers and fists are not violent behaviors, please rethink that position. Insurrection does not mean that the violence is deadly. It simply means that there is violence. Five people lost their lives before, during and after the Jan. 6 events. Is it really a stretch to say the events were “deadly”?

Members of the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and Three Percenters were all present at the Jan. 6 event. These groups with membership comprised of white supremacists, racists and conspiracy theorists are indeed a threat, as they so proudly demonstrated on Jan. 6. To believe white supremacists do not represent a threat to our country is mistaken.

I don’t like to leave any of Mr. Jenket's questions unanswered, so: If the name of the officer who shot Ashli Barrett were to be released, any number of weirdos would probably shoot the person. Maybe he'd prefer that they release the officer’s name, address and phone number. “They” say there are some 15,000 hours of video of the event. What has been shown or not I do not know, so if he wants to tuck this tidbit into his conspiracy theory tote bag, be my guest. I can’t debate that point.

Finally, as mentioned above, I do care very deeply about this event and the truth around it. My “intellectual curiosity” to get to the truth is overwhelming, and I would be most pleased if we could have a nonpartisan committee fully investigate the events of Jan. 6. It seems as if the hope of a thorough, nonpartisan investigation is dim since half of our politicians won’t participate and would rather perpetuate the ongoing lies that Trump won the election and that Jan. 6 was something other than what we all saw.

Douglas Baker


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Well said, Douglas! The true sheep will continue to follow the herd, unfortunately! But, so many have seen the undeniable truth - that the former potus is more corrupt than many thought, Qanon is trash, and January 6th was the tragic culmination of their many lies! They lost many supporters on that day & in the weeks that followed....


Trump did win the election legal votes. One has to be dumb as a rock to not see this

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