To The Daily Sun,

Far too many Trump-loving fanatics in Belknap County have participated in or supported a violent insurrection against the government of the United States of America.

It is terrifying, it is shameful, but it is not entirely unsurprising.

In the days since the storming of our U.S. Capitol building, I have watched with horror the various denials, deflections, and outright support of this unconscionable act.

From, “it was Antifa” and “Trump supporters wouldn’t do this” to, “Well that’s what happens when we are pushed too far,” “We have to fight because our Constitution is being trampled”, and “If we don’t fight the ‘Commies’ will win.” Our local NH GOP Tea Party Leader Tim Carter has even tried to characterize it as a “quiet walk in the park for a spot of lunch before looking for a bathroom in the Capitol building”

Then there is the whataboutisms: “Well what about the nice veteran lady who got shot” or, “What about the Black Lives Matter riots.”

Here is the bottom line: I do not recall seeing a single comment from anyone in Belknap County who said BLM riots are justified, or that they have to happen to fight against fascism, or that the business owners who were affected deserved it. In contrast, the commentary I did see in the county was a distinction between the peaceful protestors and the rioters. Supporting the former, and condemning the latter.

In contrast, many have been warning about the disgusting fascist rhetoric that has been spewing from our president’s mouth for 4 years, and been echoed and supported right here in Belknap County. While our warnings have been ignored, the fruits of this misguided rhetoric have come to bear:

There has been an attack on our seat of government, incited by the president, supported, endorsed and reveled in by community members and elected officials right here in Belknap County.

Dana Hackett


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