To The Daily Sun,

Six months after the November election, many of the lies, and much of the mischief, done by the deep-state/swamp continues to be revealed. The latest disclosure being that Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s death was a result of natural causes, not from injuries suffered from the Jan. 6 protest. Why three months for this to come out? Why the fire extinguisher story? Who made it up? Why did media run with it? Also recently disclosed was that COVID-19 vaccines were ready to go before the election, but the information was withheld to avoid helping Donald Trump. This, in addition to the media refusing to cover a legitimate bribery story regarding Joe Biden and his son, the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to hear arguments about state voting law violations, and the fact that more ballots were cast (nationwide) than were registered voters, gives us a glimpse of what we can expect in the future. From day one, liberal Democrats declared a war of resistance against Trump, and sadly, with help of a compliant media, they prevailed. What we’re now seeing, with the border crisis, gasoline price increases, numerous product shortages, and inflation increasing, is the result of this effort. All with the help of Biden, who refuses to take responsibility for any of this mess, and falsely continues to blame Trump. It appears that the country has now passed the “tipping point." We now have more people dependent on the government than those that aren’t, resulting in candidates promising “free stuff” (college tuition, etc.) winning all future elections. Add in our children being taught they’re racists because of the skin color they were born with, and you have to wonder how much longer the country can survive. Unfortunately, Alexis de Tocqueville predicted over 150 years ago much of what’s happening now, especially as it relates to the ability of the electorate to vote themselves money (think recent trillion dollar spending packages). He predicted that when this happened, it would be the end of America. We’re watching it now. Difficult to see America, our country, the strongest bastion of freedom ever created, devolve into the madness we’re experiencing. We can only hope this will cease at some point, but unlikely until the likes of Maxine Waters and her fellow “progressives” are gone. This includes those that support them, including our four congressional representatives, Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Chis Pappas, and Annie Kuster. They will deny it, but they’re all on board with the liberal/radical agenda. Check their voting records. Do you hear any of them denouncing Waters? No. Do you hear them opposing “defund the police”? No. Four panderers that only care about themselves. Keep them in office if you want more of this - replace them if you want the country to endure. We will be very lucky to survive them and Biden. Very lucky indeed. We can only hope.

Chuck McGee


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Raymond Buckley

Excuse me? Is this the same Chuck McGee that went to federal prison for his role in the infamous phone jamming scandal of the 2002 election? The biggest political scandal in New Hampshire history. Here is the Wikipedia page on it:

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